Sensory Balloons

Sawyer and I spent the morning making sensory balloons for Cooper. HE LOVES THEM SO MUCH.

I totally recommend making these if you have a kiddo that likes to hold objects. They are super squishy. Cooper will carry these around until I eventually have to throw them in the garbage and make new ones.

And making them really entertained Sawyer too. Of course I let him make a huge mess because it bought me 20 minutes to write this blog. Winning.

First, cut off a bottle. I used an old vinegar bottle but any kind will do. Attach the balloon to the end and fill with floor.





I recommend putting a little water into the balloon before you tie it shut. It makes the flour more squishy.


And then I let Sawyer play.






One thought on “Sensory Balloons

  1. I think I am going to try making these this week. I keep seeing them, and I think my boy will love it. He’s been obsessed with balloons (or pop as he calls them) lately. Maybe he will like this and it will keep him from popping them after a few minutes. He’s on a super strict diet though, so I think maybe I’ll try baking soda instead of flour. That way he won’t eat it, if he breaks it. (or rather when he breaks it)

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