This is Beautiful. From a 10-year-old Boy with Autism.

I was scrolling through Facebook today and this post jumped out at me. Let me preface by saying that at one point I liked so many autism type blogs and organizations that now my whole damn news feed is autism. I’ll be honest. That’s depressing. I’ve actually started unfollowing some. It just got to be too much.

This one jumped out at me by the National Autism Association.

A mother writes, “My 10 year old son with Asperger’s was asked to write a poem for school titled ‘I Am‘ he was given the first 2 words in every sentence. This is what he wrote…” Here is his poem.


My heart breaks reading this. I can’t imagine what these kids and adults with autism feel. The loneliness. The feeling of being different. What it’s like to always feel out of place, like a castaway.

As parents we would do anything to take away our children’s pain. And the sad truth is that isn’t always true.

If could crawl into Cooper’s brain and world I would in a heartbeat. There are times when I sit next to him and try but my little peanut doesn’t stop moving. Since the day he was born I’ve never had him for more than five seconds. That’s tough. So I need to remind myself that when he shows me a train or a video I need to stop and pay attention.


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