Having the Only Autistic Kid at the Party

Morning all,

My blog post was featured today on Break The Parenting Mold. Break the Parenting Mold was founded by Jen Kehl and Kristi Rieger Campbell in 2016. It began with the dream of bringing a large amount of resources together to help parents of children dealing with special issues.

Anyone that follow my blog knows that I am utterly obsessed with this video by Kristi Rieger Campbell. I watch it all the time. I can’t even watch it right now because I will start crying. That woman is my spirit animal.

Anyhoo, give them some love. Great resources. Here is a link to my post, ‘Having the Only Autistic Kid at the Party.‘ So excited!

I wrote this a few years ago: “You will be crushed the first time you notice people staring at your baby. And you will be crushed the first time you noticing kids teasing him. The hurt is inevitable and it’s not going away. But don’t hide. Autism is already lonely enough.”

Holy crap that is still true. Cooper still flaps and jumps and rolls. And holy moly is he loud. We have taken nonverbal to a whole new level. But he is happy. And he finds joy every single day. And we keep going. We go to parks and stores and do our thing. And we put on the thickest skin you could ever possibly imagine.


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