Cheerleader Asks an Autistic Boy to Prom

12662678_10153918463824710_7160002763738281409_nI’m on this mission to share stories of autism that give  us hope. Mostly, stories that give me hope. Enough sadness. I’m very vocal that my greatest fear is that people will be mean to Cooper. It could be a fellow child. It could be a teacher or a caregiver. Or it could be a complete stranger.

There is a handicapped boy that works at our local grocery store. He is slower than the other people that work there. He is harder to understand. But he is the happiest person you will ever meet. I actually tear up when I watch him work because I am so proud of this kid. He is working. He is living his life. And I think how proud his parents must be that he is taking on this independence. I would give anything for my son to work at a grocery store. I would be the proudest mother in the world.

Adjust the end goal my friends.

Anyhow, this video will pretty much melt your heart. A little hope coming your way.

Here is a link to the full story:




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