Haircuts and Autism. Wow. 

The picture says it all. The best thing I ever did was buy a hair clippers to cut his hair. Thank God I can do it at home now. In private. You would think I was murdering him. Nope. Just a simple haircut. 

Despite the face it turned out great. And he actually let me use the scissors around his ears. Baby steps I tell ya!

Now I have to go rock in the corner in the fetal position. 



One thought on “Haircuts and Autism. Wow. 

  1. Oh no!!!! Poor you and poor him! Hair brushing is an Olympic sport in my house and my guy is 8 yrs old, strong as a horse and nearly 5 ft tall. As for hair cuts… I cut his too but it’s the cutting of his toe and finger nails that would send me and him to the brink.

    When I ask Johnny he says that the brushing “hurts”, “too much sensation”, and is loud when the brush through his hair. Same thing with cutting.

    I think it’s gotten easier over the years like an endurance sport and better when he tries to brush instead

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