Potty Training Successes and Woes

Between instagram and my blog I got so many great potty training ideas. So thank you to everyone that commented. I swear it takes a village. I was seriously energized on Saturday morning to tackle the potty struggles.

My favorite idea was to lock me and Cooper in a room and wait him out. I am stubborn…much like my son. So it was on!

I was so damn determined it was scary. I prepared for battle.

I knew that keeping Cooper in my bedroom was going to be a challenge so I locked the door. I started by letting him move around the house but every time I followed him in a room he would leave. I was also carrying a toilet. The whole thing seemed to creep him out!!

So, the bedroom it was. I brought juice, milk and snacks. I even broke down and gave him the iPad. I didn’t want too but I had to keep him near me. When he has the iPad he mellows out.

The whole process took about 4 hours. I cleaned my closet and did some much necessary self grooming. Let’s be honest here…who really takes 4 hours to do nothing but follow a kid around with a toilet. This mama!

Closet cleaned…check. Toenails painted…check. Getting hit in the head with a plastic toilet…check.

That kid has excellent bladder control. Which is great…yes. But now when you want to live your day and leave your bedroom.

I would say every 20 minutes or so he would gesture to the potty and sit down for 1-2 seconds. I never once forced him on it. After his second juice I could tell he really had to go. He started carrying his diaper around and holding it on himself.

After the third beverage he started to lay down with his legs up in the air. He even attempted to put his own diaper on. God I love that kid. He is stubborn and resourceful. A dangerous combination.

I don’t think I have ever done more positive reinforcement in my ENTIRE life. But, at last, success. He sat down and I wasn’t even paying attention. I think I was actually plucking my eyebrow’s in the mirror. He grabbled my arm and squealed in delight and showed me his pee.

I then did a 2 minute dance celebration with him. He knew. I knew he knew. He was proud. And he was done with me.

He smiled and walked to the door. Just like that we were done.

That’s the funny thing about Cooper. There are no long celebrations.

I was exhausted. And he filled the baby toilet halfway up. That’s what 2 Capri Suns and two Sippy’s of milk will do for a 4 year old.

This was a success. Yay. So stoked. But as I realized later in the day he still doesn’t know how to release his pee when thinking about it. The only reason he went in the toilet earlier is because he finally relaxed and couldn’t hold it any longer. The correlation is STILL NOT there.


And after that four hour stint locked in my room he refuses to even go near that baby toilet. He throws it. At me. At the dogs. At Sawyer and most of all at the tv.

I also don’t know how to potty train in 4 hour increments. I could up his fluids I guess. 🙂 Speed the process along.

I guess we took a step forward….but he’s now afraid of the plastic toilet. One step forward and two steps back.

Here are some pictures of my day.

potty training 4

potty trainig 5

potty training 8

Pottytraining2Potty training1potty training 7Potty training 9

potty training 6

potty training 3


4 thoughts on “Potty Training Successes and Woes

  1. Well done Cooper and well done you. The link may not be there yet but a few more potty success’s and it will come. Focus on the positives, he did it!!! You could use your pics to make a story book for Cooper about using the potty. X

  2. I did this with my kid too…we called it “potty jail,” and he’d be locked in the bathroom with me and no toys at all until he went (hopefully on the toilet). You have to wait until you know he has to go, like when he hands you a diaper. Then you lock yourselves in the bathroom until he goes. Eventually my autistic son figured out he was expected to sit on the potty (but I did NOT hold him on it…I left it up to him to sit there). Because he already has to go it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, versus the four hours. Keep gesturing for him to sit on the potty, stay calm, and don’t leave until he pees. Also, no diapers at all.

    I know this approach sounds rather awful and extreme, but gentler approaches had no effect on my son. With this technique he got the message that he had to sit on the potty and pee there within a couple weeks.

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