It all Started with a Little Boy

Sometimes I get so caught up in the appointments and therapies and sadness and emotions that I actually forget Cooper is a 4 year old boy. An extremely sensitive, precocious, naughty little boy who is obsessed with hugs and holding hands. Who squeals every single day to be tickled and chased and thrown in the air. And a little boy who just mastered waving hello and goodbye and believes that when he waves to a person the situation should be over immediately. Sigh, my sweet boy…if only that were true.

Autism or not he is still Cooper. And, oh my gosh is he cute. So many times when I tuck him into bed I kiss him and smell him for a lot longer than I probably should. I can’t help it though. I pretend that that is no sadness or uncertainty in his future. Or mine. Just happiness.


2 thoughts on “It all Started with a Little Boy

  1. hard working little boy! he is working so much harder than we all realize. That’s what I remember often with my boys too. Hope you are hanging in there this winter!

  2. I have to remind myself of this as well. No matter what they are still so little (and SO cute!). So glad everything worked out with your insurance, I remember going through that a year ago and it was the worst.

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