Making Smart Choices

101d27d70de5c719b2b6dfd55791f279You couldn’t pay me to talk about the Ferguson, Missouri crisis on my blog. I’m a pretty laid back chick ‘in public’ and I don’t like to get too worked up about stuff. Not because I don’t care, but because confrontation makes me want to vomit. I get flustered and I usually (more like always) end up crying.

But…it’s a different story in my own home. Jamie and I discuss topics like this quite frequently. I can say that I got so mad over the Trayvon Martin case that I almost considered leaving Jamie. We have very differing opinions usually. Opposite sides.

I also LOVE educating myself on topics like this. And watching it unfold fascinates me.

And I’m a national new junkie. My life actually stopped when the Casey Anthony verdict was read.

I was on the road traveling for work all day yesterday so the first thing I did when I got home was turn the news on to see the updates.

I watched an interview of a women marching in protest. I noticed that she was dressed in winter clothes. I also noticed that the interview took place in the middle of the night. The women spoke about the injustice and how America has failed us. She went on for 5 minutes or so about how our safety is compromised and the police are putting us in harms way. And then as the camera panned out I see that she is pushing a stroller. And the baby appears to be very young.

So, in this GIANT mob of people with shouting and pushing and shoving, she is pushing a stroller. I actually said out loud, ‘putting someone in harms way…..bahhaaa. Look at yourself lady.’ I just shook my head and continued to watch.

The next part of the newscast talked about the rioting, tear gas, use of physical force and how the National Guard is being called to try and get some order.

As the night went on I couldn’t stop thinking about that women pushing her baby. What the FUCK was she thinking? And it was the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning.

My love for my boys is insane. As should be any mother’s. I would physically die before I WILLINGLY put my kids in danger.

Confession. I get mad when Jamie throws the boys up too high in the air. Yup, I said it. I will physically get mad at him if he throws my babies (in fun) up too high in the air. It scares me. What if something happened? I’m not a helicopter mom….really, I’m not. Definitely not with Sawyer. With Cooper…maybe. But I have to be because of his needs.

Anyhow, what person, in their right mind, would bring a baby to a dangerous riot. Tuck your baby into bed where they are safe and then go riot. I don’t understand people and if you ask me, this is what’s wrong. Now, yes, there are a MILLION things messed up about this situation and I am not debating that.

What I am saying is, be smart people. Yes, be passionate. But, above all, be good parents. And make good decisions. Can you imagine if a child dies at these riots? Oh God I can’t even imagine. The world will implode.


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