Super Cooper

Sometimes I forget that Cooper is just a little boy. And that he is only 3. And so stinking cute.

I look at this picture and I see a boy. Not an autistic boy. It’s an invisible thing. I never knew that one word could change my life so much.

I am so thankful that I am past the diagnosis part. I almost just typed that I am thankful to be past the unknown part. But that’s not true. Every bit of Cooper’s future is unknown.

I believe we are in a good place now. Autism wore me down and dare I say…destroyed me for a while. It did. It’s true. And I am different now.

Now, we look forward to days of learning and talking and interacting.

I saw a post on an Apraxia Facebook page today about nonverbal 4 years olds talking up a storm later in life.

Hope. Pray. Smile. Repeat.

Super Cooper.

photo 33


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