Waiting Around for Something to Change

5de75fe753b48ef2f6de9d16d66a9c97Meal time has changed. It used to be the most dreaded part of our day. Not anymore! I don’t know what did it but Cooper is eating great, not throwing and also sitting with us during mealtime. LIFE CHANGING!

And as quickly as one behavior gets better another gets worse. Meal time is better and now he has taken throwing to an all new level. Awesome.

If I was to describe Cooper’s life to people I would say that ‘something’ is always off. I remember sitting with girlfriends or parents or whatever when Cooper was a baby and being worn down and exhausted. A fellow mother would say something like, “my did doesn’t eat or my kid doesn’t sleep.” And another would say, “my kid is constipated all the time.” And another one would be like, “my kid isn’t sitting up yet…I’m nervous.” And I’d sit there and internalize how I had ALL of those worries. Not just one. I had every single one of them. And if I brought it up it would always be brushed aside because they could relate to ‘one’ of the problems.

Cooper’s throwing habit is getting a bit out of control. Just yesterday he threw my iPad and my phone. If he get’s ahold of something that you want and you take a step towards him…it’s a goner. If you are dressing him he throws the clothes. If you are changing his diaper he throws the wipes and the dirty diaper. That kid is quick. And his ALWAYS laughing and having fun with the throwing. I assume since most playing does make sense to him that throwing seems to feel right. And he’s having fun. But unfortunately its dangerous and destructive.

I am going to throw it out there that we will have a broken window within a month.

On another note, last night I hid from Cooper. We keep his Leap Pad charging when it’s not in use. Well, due to the craziness of our lives that damn thing didn’t get charged yesterday. And Cooper saw it. He doesn’t understand the concept of being charged. Really, what kid would? But the key is that he doesn’t understand ‘no’ or ‘you have to wait.’ He stood at the counter and whined. And screamed. And hit the fridge. And knocked the magnets off the fridge. I tried to redirect him. Nope. I offered a snack. Nope.

I looked at him and told him I’d be right back. He calmed and waited. I walked through the living room and turned his cartoons on and then went and sat on my bed. It took a few minutes but eventually Cooper wandered in and started watching cartoons. And just like that, as life crushing as it was to him…it was over.

The understanding just isn’t there. The language and the communication just isn’t there. And the more I get into this I don’t think it ever will be. And as an amazing commenter put on one of my posts…that isn’t me being negative. It’s me being real. Cooper’s brain is different. It’s different than mine and different from Sawyer’s. I can’t compare them.

I think my biggest fear right now is that his brain isn’t going to develop past a 24 month old. Last night at bedtime Cooper wanted me to brush his teeth with him. But I was exhausted so Jamie picked him up and carried him to the bathroom. I heard Jamie say to Cooper, “How am I going to carry you when you are 10 dude? This just isn’t going to work.”

I forget sometimes that I am not the only one who is scared about this.



3 thoughts on “Waiting Around for Something to Change

  1. So my unprofessional opinion (LOL) is telling me that perhaps Cooper’s need to throw things could be a stim for him. Mason was doing it for a while-he would continuously throw sippy cups down the steps- but then we got him a basketball and net and he would throw the basketball in the air, and the throwing objects in the air stopped because he was getting input he was looking for from the basketball. Started off getting him one of those nerf things you attach to your wall. Also we got him a mini trampoline for him to jump on that really helped with his main stim which was spinning and flicking objects back and forth. Just a suggestion, I of course don’t really know if he is stimming but sounds like he could be?

  2. I love your blog. You are so real and genuine. It’s hard to describe how painful this is to parents without special kids. I was trying to decide today if it’s sadder than Patrick’s all time BFF at daycare doesn’t like him or if that Patrick is not even aware that this kid doesn’t like him. I think it’s kind of sadder that he is not even aware this kid doesn’t like him. Breaks my heart both ways whichever is actually sadder. Just having a really down day. Good luck in Cooper’s new school! Patrick starts a developmental delay classroom on Tuesday.

  3. One day at a time, although it’s easy to get caught up in, “How is this going to look when he’s 20?” Ugh on the throwing. Hoping that’s a passing phase, although have to agree with the above – it may be a stim for him. Sending you hugs.

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