A Therapy Break

Cooper got kicked out of therapy. Yup, you read that right. I can spin this two ways for you.

First, Cooper’s speech therapist decided that it would be best for Cooper to take a break. The sessions aren’t going well. Cooper hates it there…he loves his therapist…but he doesn’t want to do the stuff she’s doing…ever. It’s so frustrating. Trust me. I leave exhausted and sweaty and questioning everything we are doing. And also thinking, ‘is there ever a time where therapy is more detrimental than good???’ Part of me was actually happy with this break. We ALL need it.

Now, my other side (and a very small percentage…like 15%)  is like, “WHAT THE HELL?!?!?” How can you stop therapy with a kid that needs it SO badly. Images of getting a tshirt that reads, ‘my kid got kicked out of therapy.’ came to mind. And now what? What’s next? School is our only hope. Can they kick him out too?

So, yeah, that’s my world right now.

School starts September 15th. Until then we will just do Occupational Therapy, which Cooper likes.

So, my glass half full ass is going to say, this is a good thing. A speech therapy time out for the month of August.


13 thoughts on “A Therapy Break

  1. No offense to SLPs but they are not all created equal! If it’s not fun and seems more like work for him perhaps it’s time to shop around if you can. He won’t “perform” for someone he’s not feeling. He can’t verbalize that yet so it comes out in his behavior and lack of participation. Maybe someone who uses a different approach. Rewarding him with things he responds to. Candy??! Hey don’t knock it. He’s smart and probably tired of working for free. I know my boys are exhausted with the constant demands on them. But time is crucial when they’re young so we gotta do it all. Try another one he may respond better.

  2. I have been told countless times by therapists that breaks are a good thing–they have even pointed me to the literature to back it up. It is so hard to know when to push and when to take a break. Hang in there. All the Autism Mamas are counting the days until school is back in session.

  3. Sometimes a break is good. Have you thought about changing the time of day he goes to therapy? Maybe morning sessions opus afternoon depending on which he does better in. Just a thought. Enjoy the break before school starts 🙂

    • Hi there, Unfortunately my husband and I both work full time so it has to be mornings:-( We bring him to therapy and then do daycare drop off and work. Lots of running. Once school starts we will be done though. He ‘should’ get all the services he needs in school.

      • gotcha – we did the same until this school year, unfortunately none of the therapists at her center had afternoon hours available and I am waiting for an opening (for private that is) – she does get services at school now but its group and I haven’t yet met the new SLP to discuss plan of therapy yet since the school year just started.

  4. I agree with Tara. Rewarding them will always gets the response you want, especially when they’re young. Speech therapy at school works really well because it’s usually done in a group setting with other kids, so it feels like play time to them. Cheer up…it’s one crummy day mixed in with thousands of good ones to come. X

  5. Oh, heavens, that is tough. I really hope the school gives you the answer you need, gives Cooper what he needs. Will you have to move for the school? Sending warm thoughts your way. You are very strong!

  6. Ugh, how frustrating that must be. We took a break from speech therapy this summer, and I was cringing inside, imagining how far behind he’ll get without speech. We just did OT and ABA once a week and I kid you not, the kiddo has blossomed in so many areas I’m kind of afraid of going back to speech twice a week again starting on Monday. I highly encourage you to look into ABA therapy. They help with behavior and communication, and personally I think they are much more effective then what SLPs do with our special kiddos. 🙂

    Enjoy the well deserved speech break Mama!

  7. Our first speech therapist didn’t work out either. She was very nice, but developmental intervention was working on speech and I didn’t see the point. So far Speech has been going well. my daughter seems to have more of a problem with the oc’s because they tell her what to do. She bit and slapped them! ugh right? they still haven’t kicked her out! Looking foward to school this year.: )

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