Updates and Cuteness Overload

Just a few updates.

Cooper has had a couple tough therapy appointments. Speech and OT were a bust this week. But one positive is that we were able to redirect him a few times when he started throwing a tantrum. Which is a positive:-) We are really starting to feel the financial strain from his OT appointments and although he loves going…I wish I saw more of an improvement.

Another amazing update is that summer is here and Cooper is LOVING being outside. We spent almost all day yesterday swinging, walking in the woods, throwing the ball for the dogs and playing in the sandbox. Being outside has changed our lives. Thank God for less TV time. I love at the end of the day knowing that my boys are going to sleep well from the fresh air.

Lastly, we have his IEP meeting on Tuesday the 27th. I am assuming this is the first of many. Ugh. I am staying positive though. This is the final step to starting school in the fall.

And a little Super Cooper cuteness to get us to the holiday weekend!

photo 5      photo 4      photo 3      photo 1


7 thoughts on “Updates and Cuteness Overload

    • Hi there. As of right now probably not. Cooper still doesn’t have the desire to say many words so teaching him the signs would be a struggle. He does rock ‘more’ and ‘all done’ though!

  1. Super-duper cute!!! As for the IEP…..just sending good thoughts your way. They can be SO draining, but just go in remembering you are his expert, his advocate, but most of all his mommy. You’ll be great. Hugs!

  2. Sounds so frustrating! I did dropping games, and target games like soft toys in the laundry basket when pip was dropping everything to see what noise it made…I’m not sure what helped but now we are now in a ripping paper phase. Yay for the outdoors!! Nature is the best place for our sensory kids to be, the sounds in nature seem to make so much more sense to pips ears. Gotta love that exhausted sleep. Enjoy!

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