Cooper Ate A What?

f37a76d5c2ae2ea68853a0c7f72a7fd4I am a different person lately. I can’t help but think that this is how it should be.

I picked the boys up from daycare yesterday and was told that Cooper had am amazing day. He initiated play with the blocks all on his own. And he ate a tuna melt. Um…I can’t get Cooper to eat anything and he eats a whole tuna melt at daycare. And also tried an apple for her.  I was walking on air when I left. And no screaming on the way home. Score.

And then last night I had special moment after special moment with Cooper. I even cried a few good tears as I watched him. I asked Cooper if he wanted to go downstairs with me and change laundry. He said his version of yes and toddled down with me. He stood at the dryer and after I took a piece of clothing out he would slam it shut. And laugh. So hilarious. We continued this game on an on. When he got tired of me doing boring laundry, (yes buddy, I’m sick of it too) he decided to shut the light off and laugh. Then I would chase him and he would run and giggle. I returned to the laundry pile and he repeated. HILARIOUS.

Then we went upstairs and he asked me to do a puzzle with him. Which we did but of course it turned into a wrestling match. Jamie actually had to turn the TV up because we were laughing so hard.

And bedtime was even better. He’s just so relaxed. We read story after story and pointed and giggled. He snuggled and blew raspberries on my belly. He got so mad when I left and hollered for a few minutes. So back I go and he takes my hand and pats the pillow for me to lay my head down. I MELT. I kept thinking over and over again, these are the moments lady. Lie down with him and snuggle. Soak up every single second of this. He’s talking to you in his own way right now. Maybe there aren’t words but he’s telling you that he loves you.

My point of all of this is there are times that are so amazing with Cooper that it takes my breath away. And then there are low points that are so awful I don’t know if I can ever dig out. If you are new to this journey I need you to trust me that you will have these good moments too. I promise you. It may be a day away or even a month away. Cooper’s longest bad streak lasted over a month and I was so scared it was never going to end. And then just like that, we are back to the good days. Just keep fighting through it.




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