The Potty Saga Continues

d250c06842cf1e25a0aeb839a2929744I read a post called “Facepalm Moment’s and Progress” on Emelie’s Voice that really hit home with me. I read it and than read it again. In the post she says,

“Here’s my advice to all parents. These anecdotes and stories make life interesting. Don’t stop sharing them. Not everyone is going to get the joy in some of them. Not everyone will find the humor in them. There will be those that get it and welcome your children to planet Earth with open arms and share your face palms and giggles and joy. After all, life is too short to be serious all the time.”

I love this. I am a 30 year old female with lots of amazing friends and work in an office setting so as you can imagine every person I know has kids. And most of them are Cooper’s age. I often shy away from telling his stories because I know they are nothing special to most people. Almost everything Cooper does is delayed or modified or whatever so I feel embarrassed to share them. And honestly, a lot of our stories are sad. Or involve me behaving like a raving lunatic.

And then this mama reminded me that Cooper’s stories are still special. It doesn’t matter that they are delayed. And it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t talk. He’s still a cute little 3 year old monster.

So, a funny story for you.

We are working on potty training like mad at our house. Cooper will sit on the potty for as long as I ask but will not pee. Nope, the kid has excellent bladder control. So Jamie decided to show him how to pee standing up.

First, adorable. Cooper leans over the potty and holds on for dear life. We wait. Nothing comes out and then he laughs and laughs. And then flushes and walks away.

I’ve heard some pretty hilarious things come from the bathroom when the two of them are in there together. Ranging from, ‘Cooper, don’t put your hand in my pee to wash your hands and face buddy, you’re not supposed to touch that.’ BAHHAAAA!

So this morning I was standing in the bathroom getting ready for work and Cooper wanders in. I told him he could watch Barney if he peed on the potty. Yes, the ultimate bribery…THE BIG GUNS!

He sorta danced around, pulled the toilet paper off the roll, cleaned his ears with q-tips, etc. and I said, ‘do you want mom to help you?’ I walk over and stand next to the potty and he pulls the front of my pants down and his eyes get wide and he says, ‘YUK!’

I burst out laughing. The 3 year old brain. Adorable!

So, no potty, but I did get this adorable picture. It’s too much cuteness sometimes!


5 thoughts on “The Potty Saga Continues

  1. You know, it never dawned on me how you might feel sharing – but from my side of the fence, I enjoy the stories! Ever single kid is different, and I don’t look down on Cooper because his development is delayed – and really? I’m happy to hear you have meltdowns, because I have them – I STILL HAVE THEM! And my son is 15. 🙂

  2. Hi there! I’m new to the blogging and speech delay world, but am really enjoying your site!! It’s so nice to hear stories like this because, well, it’s hilarious and it helps keep things in perspective! Sometimes I find myself, like you, in a world where other ppl’s kids are so far ahead and I’m glad to find ppl out there who are real and are eager to share their stories! 🙂 I’m excited to follow you and learn more about Cooper!

    • Hello there! Welcome to the blogging world. It has helped me so much throughout this process. There are times when the support from other moms has kept me going. I am going to check out your blog as well!

  3. I’m glad that I reminded you that Cooper’s Journey with you is as important and special as any other child’s journey. I will listen to the stories any day. And I have meltdowns too… in fact I think I’ve been a raving lunatic at least once a day for the last week. 😉 Enjoy the journey. Every little success is a huge one. ❤

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