Back to Reality

56a54ad675bd81989614d445015c74cbJamie and I are back from our quick vacation in Washington DC. It was so amazing to feel like a grown up. I think I started to forget what it was like. We ate and drank and slept. And we only had one deep, ‘what does the future hold’, conversation about Cooper. And wow was the break refreshing.

Everyone deserves a break from the worry. If you let it the worry will suffocate you. And as parent’s of kiddos with needs we know all too well what that is like. Don’t get me wrong, I thought about Cooper in every child I saw. I saw thousands of kids and they were all so well behaved. It blew my mind. Right now, as it stands, Cooper could never travel to a museum or ride the Metro. He is too busy. And he might never be able too. I even watched the school aged children closely and said a silent prayer as I watched them stand in lines or eat lunch. It’s the simple things that I want Cooper to experience. I digress. Those worries are too far away for me to think about right now.

Our lives are just different. And everyday I get closer to accepting that.

The boys were so excited to see us when we got home. There is nothing better in the world than to see your kids after being gone. And Sawyer is walking. Yup, trouble has arrived!

photo 51photo 2photo 1

It’s the same old with Cooper. Certain things are getting easier and some things are getting harder. He understands everything we ask of him and that is huge. But, a lot of the time he could care less about what you are asking him to do. It’s really hard to explain. He’s not in his ‘own-world’ by any means. He just doesn’t care to do the project or to follow the directions. He likes to be naughty. For example at OT last week he decided to be wild in the waiting room. And that meant throwing toys, trains, books, you name it. He’s laughing and running around and it’s plain frustrating.

He did amazing at speech yesterday though. He made the ‘M’ and ‘H’ sound like he owned them. And he followed directions and played with his therapist. For 1 hour I felt very hopeful.

And lastly, a little cuteness. And by cuteness I mean ‘holy-mother-of-naughty-you-are-lucky-you-are-so-dang-cute!’

I put Cooper in his room for his afternoon nap. I checked back after 10 minutes or so, (Cooper was suddenly very quiet), and I see Cooper standing there with no diaper on. He kept pointing up, laughing and screeching but I was too busy to pay attention. I grabbed a new diaper and went in his room. I was talking away and telling him that he was very naughty and that he needed to get me the dirty diaper. Again, I wasn’t paying attention. I asked him one more time where his diaper was and again he pointed up. And here is what I saw. Nice arm kid.








5 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Wow Bravo you got to go on a mini vacation without kids!!!! We did that in our city for one weekend in November and I couldn’t believe how good it felt! 2 nights away and we were re-energized!!! I’d love to be able to do more of that too. I think it’s good to bond with your other half and just BE TOGETHER.

    About Cooper….what does the OT have to say about he’s acting? I hope you don’t mind me offering this up because often it’s naughty with our kiddos…

    When my son’s anxiety would go through the roof he would get elevated and make a mess too. He doesn’t do that anymore and is much better regulated. At school they thought he was “being bad” I think I wrote a post on that on my blog but he needed a sensory diet. This was a game changer, right now he’s learning the “zones of regulation” program. I hope this helps!

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