Just A Little Ole Choo-Choo Sound

69dd04b494538e3a9a87230aba02aaf7The good days are continuing. I could sure get used to this!

Last night I had amazingly special moments with each of my boys. I was sitting on the floor playing with Sawyer and we were feeding his baby from toy bottle. He was hugging and kissing the baby and laughing. I saw love and a HUGE imagination. I wrapped the baby up and sang a lullaby and Sawyer thought that was the most amazing thing ever. I didn’t get these moments with Cooper and I may never get them. Pure joy I tell ya.

Then I moved onto put Cooper in bed. I spent 45 minutes reading to him. We were laughing and ‘talking’ and playing. I told him that his feet were stinky and made a really loud YUCK noise. He thought that was hilarious. I bet we did that for 5 minutes. I didn’t want it to end.

What if we go back to frustrated mad Cooper? I am so scared of it. I try not to think about it but the worry often gets the best of me.

And the biggest news of the day….DRUM ROLL….this is another subtle thing that only a trained ear and eye would notice. Cooper LOVES trains. We taught him the how to do a hand gesture for choo-choo when he was very little but for the life of me (and not for a lack of trying) I couldn’t get him to say ‘choo-choo’ when he made the gesture. Well, he did it last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pretty sure that isn’t enough exclamation marks!) He made the gesture and put a sound with it. I even caught it on video today. We were finger-painting. Well, sort of. Apparently my finger-paint is from 1983. So, we pretty much just made a mess.

As I am typing this Cooper just brought me a box of wipes and made the YUCK noise. Yup, he pooped. Pretty sure this kid needs to be potty trained. If you are smart enough to bring the wipes to mom it is time to poo on the toilet kiddo.


6 thoughts on “Just A Little Ole Choo-Choo Sound

  1. I actually heard several attempts on the first one…and a definite attempt at communicating…which is the first hurdle we had to get through w E…the move from just babbling to using whatever they can do as purposeful communication. Sorry i tend to talk like a speech therapist…actually considered going back to school to be one (and his SLP is determined to turn me into one too).

    • You just brought tears to my eyes. Yup, sitting at my desk at work with tears pooling in my eyes. Sometimes I feel like I am in a room screaming because I want Cooper to communicate so badly. There is nothing on this earth that I want more than for him to have a happy, successful, loved life. Thank you. He is moving towards purposeful communication and it is amazing.

  2. Open, down, and beginning of all done…had to rewatch to remember…also a lot of nonverbal communication…I could probably write out a transcript of the conversation yall had there lol. Smart kiddo 😉

  3. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective, especially one who lives it every day…I’d say in some ways hes more advanced than E is. But there are times i watch video of E over and over (bc well hes so stinkin cute) and then it clicks and I’ll hear or see something I was oblivious to at the time it happened.

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