Postive Updates

e1d76848cb13bb86922feba2782bc8a7I just posted about changes in Cooper. I wanted to go into a little more detail because I am such a proud mama.

I have blogged before about how picking up the boys from daycare can be a sad point in my day. It’s hard to see other kiddos the same age as cooper talking. It crushes me actually. So much, that there are times where I dread going. Sad, right?

On Thursday, as I walked up to the house I saw that another mom was holding Cooper. He was hugging her and laughing and ‘chatting’ away. He points to me and laughs like, ‘do you see who is holding me?’ And then the mom said something that made me feel like a million bucks and she probably had no idea how much it meant to me. She said, “I love that he wants me to hold him and snuggle him. My kids could care less that I am here. You are so lucky!” Instant tears in my eyes.

After she left, his teacher told me that she has seen a huge change in Cooper in the last week. He is always well behaved but he is being super affectionate with the other parents and kids. He is interacting non-stop. I was walking on air when I left there.

Other changes are happening too. Cooper is ‘chatting’ NON-STOP. On Saturday he woke up at 6 AM talking and didn’t stop until he went to bed. Constant pointing, laughing and lots of different sounds. (still no consonants) He is being silly, like putting things on his head or balloons in his shirt and running around.

photo 4Cooper played in his room a lot this weekend. This is rare. He LOVES TV and it is hard to get him away from it. So, I did a little research and decided to put a CD player in his room with kids music. BINGO!! He danced and laughed non-stop. He played trains and read books and danced for 3 hours on Saturday. I can’t even tell you what this did for Jamie and I. And every so often he would come get us to watch him play trains and dance to The Wheels On The Bus. It was so precious.

And he is making decisions. He wants this instead of that. Or that instead of this.

And lastly I am trying to teach Cooper to make the kissing mouth with his lips when he kisses me. I taught him how to kiss checks. IT. IS. SO. CUTE. When I kiss him he turns my face to kiss my cheek and then laughs. I melt.

And lastly, a big one to me. I was sitting with the two boys at the kitchen table for lunch. Sawyer and I were growling back and forth at each other. As usual, I said to Cooper, ‘you do it, bud.’ And he did. He growled right back at us. We went back and forth for a few seconds. It was pretty dang great.

I know we have a long way to go. I get that. But I also get that these simple victories put us one step closer to normalcy and one step away from chaos.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Yup, we got 9 inches of snow last week. YUK.




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