Get Through Today. Better Days Are Coming.

51920627f928e161277d34380bbfb40cCooper is back. My sweet, smart boy is back. I know that sounds crazy right? Cooper has been a little monster for the last month or so. You can even tell by the theme of my blogs. A little over a month ago my posts were hopeful. Then, they changed. More fear, desperation. More anger.

Things changed last week. I am so excited I have a smile on my face as I type it. Thank you God. He’s playing again. Laughing, ‘chatting’ non-stop. So much that he woke us up Saturday morning from talking so much.

All throughout Cooper’s life he either has bad days or amazing days. There isn’t a lot of in between. So, I spent a while trying to figure out what changed this time. Why would he go from happy and learning a month ago to an absolute demon and back again. What is the constant that changed. Jamie even picked up on this.

On Saturday morning we discussed it over our morning coffee while Cooper played in his room. All we could think of was ear infections.  I even reached out to my friend Jenny over at Momminitup (check out her blog…LOVE HER!), and she told me that her kiddos act differently whenever a big change happens (like preschool or kindergarten). It lasts a while and then fixes itself.

Then it hit me, Cooper went from having OT and ST 3-4 times a week for a year to nothing. His therapist is sick and the return date keeps getting pushed out farther. I know this is it. He went from amazing structure and being challenged daily to nothing.

So, does that mean when Cooper starts therapy again that our world is going to get turned upside down again? I’m thinking yes. But as long as he is good at therapy I DON’T CARE!

d2c8ebe531b4c17bdc269ce1929eafc8I am a real mom. A real, emotional, wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve, kiss my kids a million times a day, pull my hair out, cry at commercials, yell at my husband for stupid things, drink too much coffee and wine, hopeful, scared, worried, kind of mom. If you have a child like my Super Cooper I am here for you. I get it.

I honestly don’t know if it is going to be alright. But, someone put a comment on one of my posts that simply said, ‘just worry about today.‘ I am doing that now.

So here is my advice momma. There are going to be good and bad days. Hell, I just came out of a bad month and I am tramautized from it. But, it has to get better. Simple as that. Get through today. Better days are coming.


One thought on “Get Through Today. Better Days Are Coming.

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I am glad he has made it through this adjustment and is a happy boy now. Hope he gets back in the swing of things quickly when therapy starts back up! I love reading your updates. You and Super Cooper have so many people rooting for you!

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