Just A Little Ole ‘H’ Sound

I have some exciting news from yesterday. This is so subtle that I truly don’t believe anyone would have ever noticed it but me. And I made Cooper repeat the action so I could make sure it was real.

We were reading book number 4 before bed last night. It was this big book about Sesame Street. Lots of colors and pictures and actions. Per the usual, I ask Cooper to point to different things. ‘Cooper, where is the red balloon? Where is the blue car? And so on.’

I had just flipped to the page about Grover (which is Coop’s favorite page) and he pointed to a hat and said the ‘H’ sound. I had instant tears in my eyes because I knew what I heard. I pointed to the hat and said, ‘what is that?’ He responded with the ‘H’ sound.

This is the first time Cooper has ever done that. There is a different between mimicking a word…which Cooper rarely does. And there is a difference between prompting him to say a word. Which we do often and usually get a blowing noise from him. And then, there is talking on his own. Meaning, HE wants to tell US something. Cooper has ‘sounds’ for up, off, in, out (all start with vowels) and will use them appropriately.

But, this was different. He pointed to a hat and wanted to say the word. Holy Cow.

Here is a video of Cooper that shows his language skills right now. When I ask him to say a word he usually purses his lips and makes a blowing sound, get frustrated, screeches and moves on. He has negative Attention Span when things get tough.


15 thoughts on “Just A Little Ole ‘H’ Sound

  1. What a great job! I love the video! I can see Cooper has excellent non-verbal communication skills. He’s already answering questions by pointing. Awesome! Stephen’s combined vision and hearing impairment added to his language delay. One thing we struggle with is getting him to use more conventional communication – like pointing vs. using songs on his iPod. Pointing is clearly communicating where using songs could be listening or expressing (depending on the interpretation.) Stephen’s just beginning to strengthen his conventional communication skills like pointing at age 7! Of course every kid is different and each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t make sense to compare them except in a way that would be beneficial – i.e. recognizing the strengths and building upon them!

    We’ve had over 10 days of stomach bug in my house 😦 so I haven’t been doing as much writing as I’d like – I’ve been busy just catching up and responding to comments. I’m going to check out your resources page now. (I’ve been wanting to put a list together myself!) Who knows what we’ll find when we network!

    • Yay! I am so glad you like it. Cooper does have amazing nonverbal communication. I just said that yesterday to someone. The way his therapist described it is he understands that by using ‘communication’ he can get ‘something’ for some one. I guess that is the first step. Thank you for this comment. It seriously warmed my heart! I hope you are all feeling better! This winter is dragging on horribly in Minnesota and we seem to get the same colds over and over again. YUK!

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