Preschool Update

3badbf52a6df63c72a13f19f29f04c24I have some “SCREAM FROM THE ROOFTOPS” exciting news! After 10 or so voicemails, 2 emails and a conversation with a lady about how Cooper can’t be screened, I got a call yesterday from the director of Early Childhood Department for the school district.

She was AMAZING! She first apologized profusely for the run-around I had been receiving. It should never have happened. Cooper is a priority for the school district and they are going to make sure he gets ALL the services he needs.

She is assembling a team (sounds serious!) with an Occupational therapist, Speech Therapist and preschool teacher who will screen Cooper.

They will then determine if he needs 5X a week or 3X a week preschool. And the best news of all….he will receive OT and ST during preschool. Holy mother of all that is goodness I see a white light of hope in the future! He will most likely start in the fall but we ‘could’ start sooner if I felt that it was needed.

I felt heard and I felt understood. I keep hearing from other moms that they started to see major improvements when their kiddos started preschool with other kids. I have high hopes!

This is good.


12 thoughts on “Preschool Update

  1. YESSSS!!! So awesome! God answers prayer!! (Ha, and yes, I just read your previous post as well.) I would start sooner if you can. 🙂 It makes such a huge difference! I have seen sooo much improvement in Jonah since he started!
    Doing the happy dance with you!!

  2. So happy for you! I always felt bad that you were receiving such limited services so I am really excited for you!

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