I See an IEP Fight In My Future

7ef12c3364557dc42bb97334f1de517aCooper’s pediatrician called me yesterday. I about pooped my pants when I saw the number on caller ID. I always think the worst for some reason. But it was a good call. She was following through with us about the Developmental Pediatrician.

Apparently, in the whole entire state of Minnesota, there is one clinic that is currently taking new patients. Um…WOW. And since there is a 9 month wait she recommends that we make the appointment and hopefully things improve and we can cancel it. I like her positive attitude.

She also wants us to pursue the Developmental Preschool. So, I put in a call to our local school district and asked a few questions about next steps. I guess we need to do the kindergarten screening. Fine. We all know this mama LOVES evaluations. I actually broke down in tears (behind my office door) a few months ago when I overheard someone talking about their son’s kindergarten screening. Cooper won’t be able to do any of it. Let me rephrase that, some of it he won’t be able to do and most he won’t try to do. But, I’ll jump through your hoops. Fine.

As I spoke with the lady about options for a preschool she told me that there isn’t a lot of room for kiddos like Cooper in the Duluth schools. Like literally, there isn’t a lot of space to put them so he may not get in.

I instantly saw red. Like, little puffs of smoke came out of my ears and I started sweating. I calmly and very nicely said, ‘my son has no words and is severely delayed. He needs services. This is non-negotiable.’ She nicely responded with, ‘start with the screening. We’ll go from there.’

Sigh. I need the energy to fight this fight. I know it’s coming. I’ve read the blogs and Facebook posts about IEP’s. I even watch Parenthood on TV. I am Cooper’s number one advocate and I WILL get him the best services. Brave face on.

But, I am getting ahead of myself. I haven’t even done the screening yet.

As for updates with Cooper, his speech therapy and occupational therapy have all been on hold due to multiple reasons. I am hoping next week get’s us back to normal. This kiddo needs routine. But spring is on the way and good things are coming!


6 thoughts on “I See an IEP Fight In My Future

  1. You seem to be radiating positivity today, I like this missus, keep it up!! 🙂

    As for IEP’s they can be tough, yes but it might well go better than you expect. You need to go in there with your own agenda clear in your head and a list of demands. Don’t stop until you get them! It can be an exhausting experience but it’s worth it for the outcome.

    Stay strong, much love xxx

    • You noticed!! Well, spring has came to Minnesota! It’s above zero. This lady is singing from the rooftops. I am super nervous about this preschool thing but I am trying to not worry until it gets here.

  2. Gah! I’ve read a little about IEP on Facebook as well, but always from a place of “been here a while.” The idea that there might not even be a spot is . . . just, gah. Rock on embracing advocacy early. There is a whole lot that can be accomplished by such advocacy.

  3. Most school districts quickly give in to parents who are great advocates for their children because they don’t want to deal with you when you’re unhappy. Just hold your ground- worst case scenario threaten to get a lawyer involved. That always lights a fire under their asses 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Another thought- I’m pretty sure you can get an advocate for free because of the IDEA act. Not sure who you would contact about it, but those people really know every single law there is to know about the special education system.

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