Bye Bye Nuk’s

photo 1There are few things in life that Cooper LOVES as much as his Nuk. There have been times when he has been known to have 3 or 4 at one time. Well, this kid just turned 3 and it’s time to say Bye-Bye.

Now, please don’t pass judgment for allowing him to have a Nuk this late in life. To say Cooper is a challenge is putting it mildly. So, when night time (or nap time) comes I usually don’t have a lot of fight left in me.  And every single night he gladly and happily grabs his Nuk, blankies, and teddy and goes to bed. It’s hard to mess with that when the days are long and challenging. His bedtime routine is so EASY. It’s actually joyous. Brush teeth, get his NUK, put all of his ‘friends’ in bed, read a book and lights out.

And we have also held out because he hasn’t had them during waking hours since the age of 2. He only gets them at bed time so we just kind of went with it.

Well, last night we said good bye to our Nuks. It took him longer to fall asleep than normal but he had went to bed fine. He did wake up once but went back to sleep on his own.

I even had to sneak in his room and take his picture. Snoozing like a little prince with his mouth wide open. Just like his dad!


7 thoughts on “Bye Bye Nuk’s

  1. Cute! I let Jp have a bottle at bedtime until waaaay later than suggested because it was the only way he would drink milk. If someone judges you, they just don’t get it. 😉

  2. Congrats! We’re on the eve of paci-purging as well. My little guy tends to bite his apart, so our plan is to just let him bite through his stock and not replace them. We’re down to two!

    • Cooper does that too! Does he also chew on his sippy cup tops? We won’t know cooper is doing it and all of a sudden there is milk every where. I hate it. So ready for that phase to be done. Good luck to you as well!

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