A Message To My Future Self

I do this thing where I leave notes for my future self. I have done it for years.

The first time was during college. I was dating a guy that wasn’t right for me but I refused to see it. During a super low point with lots of fighting I got this alert on my phone that said,

“If it’s not better today, DUMP HIS ASS!”

At first I thought God was talking to me. Although I was pretty sure God wouldn’t swear. Honestly though I had no idea how the calendar alert got there. Then I realized that over 6 months ago, during a night out partying, I had put a calendar alert in for a future date. GENIOUS!

Ever since then I have done this at low times in my life. And I always put them out far enough so I forget when they are coming. I pulled up my calendar today and saw this little gem.

photo 22

Today it will be better. Simple as that. Aw, I love it.  I am so looking forward to 3 pm!

Now, at the time I entered this, I had no idea that every person in my house would have a cold. Or that our dog would spend the day in the vet for eating tampons. (yes, you read that right.) Or that Cooper still wouldn’t be talking. I had no idea. But I did have the sense to foreshadow I was going to need a pick me up. Well played lady. I hope you were right.


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