Occupational Therapy and Super Human Mommy Strength

f2a7049973e156b6beb95bd3994c5c74In the meeting on Wednesday, Cooper’s speech therapist recommended that Cooper start Occupational Therapy. And she even recommended a place to go. Woo-Hoo! I called right away on Wednesday and made an appointment for Friday to meet with her.

Well, Friday morning Cooper woke up pissed off at the world. He wanted Oreo cookies for breakfast and was really confused as to why he couldn’t have them. So, the whining started early. And my patience got worn early. And I was worried about his behavior during the appointment.

Coop’s and I left for the appointment around 8:30. This place isn’t affiliated with the hospital and I was very happy about that. I was impressed as soon as I saw the building. And then I met the therapist and I was blown away. She was amazing. Sweet and patient and friendly. Wonderful! Cooper was a little prince as she showed us the two different therapy ‘gyms.’ One has a few mats and toys and the other one is much larger with a rock climbing wall, big climbing toys, balls, trampoline, etc. I can’t say enough at this moment. I felt like we found the right place.

The therapist noticed right away that Cooper’s posture is of that of a toddler. I have never noticed this before. She also noticed that his feet slightly turn in. She attributed these things to a weak core. Of all the delays Cooper has the muscle weakness blows me away the most. Cooper is a solid, big kid. He always has been. It doesn’t make any sense.

She also said that kiddos with sensory issues often have a period of difficult days whenever they make an improvement in another area. Wow, this is Cooper exactly. The only difference now compared to a year ago is that his good days outnumber is bad days.

She is going to evaluate him on Friday, the 21st. The evaluation will take 90 minutes. Eek. Thank God he will get to run around and play while doing it.

I instantly started internally stressing about the time management. The OT location is 20 minutes away from the ST location. He goes to Speech on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I know she is going to highly recommend that he receive Occupational Therapy twice a week. Ugh.

So, now I get to the good stuff. My super human mommy strength.

photo 1As we were leaving Cooper saw that the therapist was using a computer. This kid LOVES computers. I saw his face and I knew he was a goner. Shit, shit, shit.  He walked behind the desk and started ‘chatting’ and pointing. He wanted that thing. Of course my hands were full with papers, my purse, Cooper’s juice and my coffee (whiskey…jut kidding!)

I said ‘no, buddy’ as sternly as I could. That’s all it took. FULL BLOWN MELT DOWN. It was bad. I grabbed him under my arm. Think a sack of potatoes. Arms and legs were thrashing left and right. He took a stapler, business cards and brochures down with him. Even a newspaper got spread across the waiting room. He grabbed the chair, the desk and even a picture on the wall. In hindsight, I should have just set my stuff down and carried him out but I just wanted to be gone so badly that I panicked.

This whole thing lasted about 2 minutes. Otherwise known as the longest 2 minutes of my life. He was holding onto stationary stuff so tightly I couldn’t get moving.  I kept apologizing and trying to make light of the situation by saying, ‘you almost made it buddy!’

By the time I got to the door I was barely holding him anymore so I just sort of dropped him in a snow bank. He didn’t appreciate that.

When Cooper has tantrums at home we usually just let him finish. So, I tried to play ‘cool’ mom and let him finish. He rolled in the snow and kicked the glass door to the building. He screamed and screamed some more. Than ran around the parking lot. I kept thinking, I will not chase this kid. I will not chase this kid.

Well, of course I chased him. I caught him and loaded him in his car seat. It took every single fiber of my being to buckle him in with love and patience.

After moments like that with Cooper it takes me quite a while to relax. I get so tense. We drove home in silence. Ok, he screamed most of the way and I drove home in silence!

And the little prince was an angel the rest of the day. I have to remind myself that all kids have tantrums. And Cooper actually has very few of them. They are bad though because he can’t talk.


5 thoughts on “Occupational Therapy and Super Human Mommy Strength

  1. Ok YAY about the OT place! It sounds awesome! Sophie’s muscle weakness was super-bad and I had no idea. OT was sooo helpful. After Jonah used to scream through every hour-long Help Me Grow class, it would take me the ENTIRE day to recover. The day was basically a wash. Hang in there mom. They will get fewer & further between! As it sounds like they already have. I am so excited to see what’s in store for Cooper!

    • I love that you get it! And I’ve always considered myself to have this fast recovery time. With everything. Even arguments. So when those appointments started wiping me out I would be shocked. And my husband wouldn’t get it. He’s like ‘they can’t be that bad!’ Ha ha!!

  2. My little guy is 3 1/2 and has severe apraxia, SPD, gross motor issues, core weakness, etc. You can check out my blog to learn about our own adventures with it. He started talking just after his 3rd birthday and is up to a few hundred words/approximations now. Just wanted to encourage you in that. Check out my blog if you want to see our journey so far with apraxia.

    One thing I’d recommend you look into if Cooper has such a weak core is hippotherapy/ therapeutic riding. Riding horses helps strengthen the core and can help with motor planning too. We’re starting next week, so don’t know how it will help our little guy, but I’ve heard people rave about how helpful it is.

    Can’t wait to follow Cooper’s journey and see how he grows and develops! So glad I found your blog. Cooper’s lucky to have you as his super Mommy. 🙂

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