I Call That A Sucsessful Transition

ba2961ab9e6fb8f5f2695e166d5c28ebI am pretty sure the world may be ending. I’m actually a little nervous about it.

We let Cooper watch a Thomas video downstairs today in our family room. This is a HUGE treat for Cooper. Watching movies is a coveted thing around here. We moved our only DVD player downstairs 6 months ago because Cooper couldn’t handle having it upstairs. Translation…we couldn’t handle Cooper’s whining to watch a video constantly. He would carry the remotes around in hopes that it was movie time. (It was actually kind of cute but don’t tell him that.) So, out of sight out of mind. It’s been a great thing. Advice to parents with technology obsessed kids…HIDE THE TECHNOLOGY!

Jamie and I were upstairs working on our computers when the little peanut comes walking up the stairs and looks right at us and signs ‘all done.’ He then proceeds to open the pantry cupboard and show us what he wants for lunch and signs ‘please, eat.’ Um. Hello, Cooper? Is that you? Are you feeling alright?

I made him Mac n’cheese and strawberries and watched the little man devour the whole thing. He then grabbed his blankie and headed off to his room for a nap and he’s been sleeping ever since. Thank God for the easy, peaceful moments. They get us through the tough days.


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