Another Big Week

Picture3Cooper had a great weekend. We worked on potty training again. Gong show I tell you. Jamie had Cooper sit on the potty for 60 minutes and he didn’t pee. We fed him juice and milk in hopes that he would eventually just pee so he would understand what he was supposed to do on there. That little stinker held it the whole time. I dug out his little potty and set it in the living room and put Cooper in underwear. And then I pulled out everything I had in my arsenal. I had ring pops, candy necklaces, cookies, Thomas movies, etc. We tried every single bribe we could think of. And Cooper sat down and tinkled the smallest drop of urine you could imagine. And then clapped. Talk about working the system. He has no desire to pee in the potty. Ugh. But I consider that one drop of urine to be a victory.

Another update is that Cooper’s whining is getting worse. He wants to communicate and can’t and he now understands that he can’t tell us what he needs. The whining is the single hardest behavior that Cooper has. Jamie and I were chatting about it on our date last night and we don’t think that many people could handle it. It will wear you down in a split second.

Tuesday is the big day.

A psychologist is going to Cooper’s daycare to observe and see how he does in that setting and with other kids. I am so nervous about it. And it’s silly because her answers don’t change anything. She could say he was autistic. I don’t think she will but she could. And it won’t change a damn thing. Cooper is still Cooper. It’s not like we get a magic pill to give him that makes life easier. He won’t start talking just because he has a diagnosis.

So I am trying to not worry too much about it. His social skills are so great. My Dad came to visit this weekend and Cooper hammed it up. He hugged and gave kisses and laughed and tickled. He wore a bag on his head and pretended to hide and played silly games. 90% of the time he is just like every other kid…except he doesn’t talk.

So, if you have any prayers send them my way. I need to keep my sanity until Tuesday. I am one worried mama.



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