Life with Boys

I attempted to try the whole potty training this again yesterday. Cooper isn’t quite ready yet but I want to make sure he comfortable with the potty, underwear and all that goes along with it. So yesterday he was pretty stoked to wear his Thomas the Train underwear. Actually, he got to wear 5 different pairs because he peed through them all. Lucky boy! And lucky mama!

I wanted to share with you some of the sentences this mama said out loud yesterday.

Sentences Only A Mother of a Boy Could Utter:

1. Cooper, stop pulling on your wiener.

2. Stop pushing it in like that. It might get stuck.

3. Stop putting your wiener on Sawyer. Sawyer, stop touching your brother’s wiener.

4. If you pee on the dog you are in trouble mister.

5. I can’t believe you peed on the dog.

6. Take your wiener off mommy please.

7. Stop doing that with you wiener. That’s so weird.

8. I told you that you would fall into the toilet if you kept bending in between your legs to play with it.

And that biggie of the day…

I could tell that Cooper was about to pee so I grabbed his hand and we ran to the toilet. I was making a big deal and I could tell he was really excited. We got to the potty and as I was pulling his underwear down he looked in the toilet and saw some wet toilet paper. Before I could react he reached in, grabbed it and threw it. Guess where it landed? The side of my face. With the loudest slop you could imagine. Oh. My. God. I. Almost. Died.

Happy Saturday all! (PS. Disregard the hideous bathroom. It’s in desperate need of a facelift!)


2 thoughts on “Life with Boys

  1. I’ll be following this for tips, I’ll be potty training this summer. Sadly V needs to be potty trained before he starts pre school in January next year.
    We have pooping on the toilet already sorted. He’s been pooping for a good 6 months it’s the pee pee I can’t catch. I tried one day last week just for well you know fun! lol.. He peed on the floor. The sofa and on the bathroom floor. I then put the nappy back on. He is only 16 months. so we still have time.

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