A Big Week Ahead

We had another excellent weekend. I could start getting used to this! I’ve heard from lots of other moms that their kids really started to grow up at age 3 and I can say that I am seeing lots of changes in Cooper.

We had our big family Christmas on Saturday at a water park and let’s say we learned that Cooper is half-fish. He spent so much time in the water I didn’t know if the pruning would ever go away. I get very, very nervous for events like this and Cooper handled it like a champ. He is really starting to notice other kids and is very aware of what they do. He put his swimsuit on like a champ and had no problem with his new life jacket.

I was actually dreading this event and had no problems letting my husband know my feelings. We had a wedding just over 6 months ago and Cooper didn’t do so well. He can’t sit still. He needs to always be moving so the water park was perfect. In our family there are 2 cousins that are roughly Cooper’s age. They are all within 6 months of each other. It is and will continue to be hard to hear them talk. Ask questions. Say cute things. I have to put my big girl pants on and be tough. And I did.

Sawyers first birthdayOn Sunday we had Sawyer’s 1st birthday party. First, how can my baby be one? It’s not possible. His party was a blast. Cooper played great with the other kids and Sawyer loved being the center of attention and getting spoiled. The cake and balloons were the big hit!

This is a big week for us. We are having a child psychologist come and observe Cooper’s speech appointment on Wednesday morning and then at some point come to our house to observe. She is going to give us suggestions to make life easier. Ha…who wouldn’t want that! I’ll take it. I have this feeling that Cooper will be a perfect angel when she comes to our house to observe. That would by typical but I’ll take all the help I can get.

Speech Updates

My new goal is to get Cooper to blow. And by goal I mean it is my new mission in life. I had Cooper sitting in front of me last night and I blew in his face and asked him to do it to me. In situations like this Cooper will get REALLY, REALLY silly. I believe it’s because he gets stressed out about what I am asking but I kept at it. I kept blowing in his face. He was wiggling all around and laughing and acting like a limp noodle. And after a minute or so he blew in my face and repeated it 3 times. Yay! But I noticed that he wasn’t holding his mouth like a typical person blowing a bubble. He lips were kind of pursed and not in the ‘o’ position. But this is a start. I got the bubbles out as well so our home will now turn into a bubble making factory!

Cheers to a great week and improvements all around! Here is a little cuteness from the party and an exhausted Cooper at the end!

sawyer party

Cooper eating cake

Cooper Sleeping



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