Enjoy Today Mama

photo 3Cooper’s speech appointment was canceled this morning so I thought I would share a little humor. I sometimes feel like I am in a movie like The Truman Show.

Last Friday I brought Cooper to speech therapy at our local hospital. We usually get there a few minutes early so Cooper can play with the train table in the waiting room. As usual, I had drunk 4 gallons of coffee so the first thing I did when we arrived was take Cooper to the bathroom. The waiting room has 2 private bathrooms that open right up to where people sit.

Cooper is a total boy and a total toddler and loves to open doors so I tried to be proactive and put my 10 pound purse in front of the door. Plus, I obviously locked it.

I sat down to take an EPIC pee and mid stream Cooper opens up the door. I made direct eye contact with a man in the waiting room. Oh. My. Gosh. I. Almost. Died. I could tell by the look on his face that he was equally mortified.

I knew that my biggest concern was Cooper running out so I stood up and slammed the door. Crisis averted. Except, I didn’t stop peeing. For anyone that has had a baby you know that stopping once you start can be nearly impossible. And my two 9 lb babies did a number on me.

I peed all over the floor and to make it worse, all over my jeans. UGH! I had to laugh. What else could I do? So, I cleaned myself up and out we went to the waiting room to wait for Cooper’s speech therapist.

And to make it even cuter Cooper looked right at me and said Yuk. Nice.

Mr. Mortified that I made eye contact with had conveniently disappeared.

And a few cute pics to finish it off…

photo 5 photo 4


4 thoughts on “Enjoy Today Mama

  1. Hahhaha oh dear!!! Sorry i have to admit I was laughing away although it must have been truly traumatizing for you! Glad you found humour in it though :p

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