Cooper said Cow

Cooper said Cow. Twice actually. We were sitting on the floor playing last night with a push behind walking toy. It has numbers and buttons and shapes on it and plays music. And it has one animal on it…a cow. Jamie and I were sitting on the floor next to the boys and Cooper pushed the cow and plain as day said ‘cow.’ I looked right at him and said, ‘what did you say?’ He responds with ‘cow.’ As if I was asking a ridiculous question.

Now for anyone that has kids you know they will make a liar out of you all the time. They will never do things in front of other people. Well, this time Jamie heard it. We just stared at him for the longest time. We didn’t know he could make the ‘c’ or the ‘ow’ sound. We’d never heard it before.

I asked him 2 more times that evening to say cow. No go. It was like it never happened. Argh!! So frustrating.

I’m not telling anyone in real life about this because their reactions break my heart. It’s like I have to sugarcoat things for people. For example a conversation with my mom would go like this:

Kate: Cooper said cow.

Mom: He did! See, Katie, he’s going to be just fine.

Kate: (Hits her head with hand.) No mother, this doesn’t mean he is going to be fine.

This is a glimmer of hope. Not a cure. She wants him to be ok so badly and I can’t fix him.

Fish Oil and Apraxia

On another note, we started Cooper on Fish Oil last night. I have been doing a lot of research on Fish Oil and how it can help with Apraxia. Note: Cooper has not been diagnosed with Apraxia but his therapist is leaning towards it.  I started my research at I watched the videos of their amazing son and loved her FAQ section. I also really liked this blog, Bringing Up Boys. (And her son’s name is Cooper too!)

I decided to buy Nordic Naturals Fish Oil. I gave Cooper 500 mg last night. I am not holding my breath but I do have some renewed hope. I’ll keep you posted.


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