Everybody Talks

I cCooper (15)BWall my mother crying all the time about Cooper. I can’t accept that he doesn’t talk. I can’t accept that he might not talk. Why do I have to have a son that doesn’t talk? My mother always tells me the same thing…”Everybody talks Katie. How many people do you really, honestly know that don’t talk?” And she’s right. I know she’s right. Cooper is smart and bright and happy. He IS going to talk. Right?

No one can tell us one way or another if he will or won’t. But I pray every day…every hour of every day that he will talk. I would give my life for my son. I want him to be happy and healthy and perfect. I don’t want to give bully’s any ammunition to pick on him. I want him to play sports and go to school. And have friends and girlfriends.

When I was pregnant I just assumed that every single kid did these things. I didn’t know there was a possibility that I would have a kid that couldn’t. That is the hardest part. The unknown.

Cooper might not be a normal boy. And it takes my breath away. I am so scared all the time.


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