Cooper is just Cooper

This is Cooper. How can you not love that face. He is sweet and naughty and sassy and smart and all the qualities you want in a little boy. But there is one pretty noticable difference about Cooper. He doesn’t talk. As it stands, Cooper will be 3 years old on December 6th and he still has no words. Usually when I tell people this all the same questions are asked.

  1. Can he hear?
  2. Does he have autism?
  3. Does he mimic?
  4. Does he have a desire to talk?

Well, yes he can hear. As I get rolling with the blog I will fill you in on the hearing aid nightmare.

Second, does he have autism. For any moms out there, the word autism can crush you and reduce you to nothing. When I hear the word I actually get sick to my stomach. No, I do not feel that Cooper has autism. And no, I don’t have my mommy goggles on.  

Third, does he mimic? Cooper will be 3 in less than a month and yes, he just started mimicking, But unfortunately the sounds are not even close to what they are supposed to be.

And lastly, does he have a desire to talk. This one always puzzles me. I honestly don’t know. His frusration is high. His whining is constant. He points and and gets excited and wants me to know things that he is doing but honestly, deep down, I don’t feel like Cooper has a desire to talk.

I plan on telling you all about Cooper and the struggles that we are going through. There is nothing more isolating than having a child with special needs. I have turned into an open, exposed nerve. That is how I describe it. Some days I’m happy, some sad, most angry, many devestated and most of all, lonely and jealous. But I do have an amazing son and I can’t give up on him.


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